Massed Bands for LODD FF Plummer services
By Drum Sergeant/President Ray Fineron
January 3, 2022

For those who are planning on attending the Massed Bands for Chicago LODD FF Plummer, here's what we know;
- When: Thursday, January 6th
- Place: Oak Woods Cemetery (1035 E 67th St, Chicago).
- The Massed Bands will meet and begin tuning at Noon, at the cemetery mausoleum (it is very large, so Massed Bands members can stay warm in there, plus there will be 2 warming busses).
- The AFFI District 8 Pipes & Drums (PM Chris Coomes) will be in charge of the Massed Bands until the CFD P&D arrive from the church service (which starts at 11am).
- We ask that bands do not send their color guards or Drum Majors.
- PIPERS, if you can't make it to tune with the group, please refrain from performing.
- The forecast is for a temp of 18°, 14mph winds & a wind chill of 1°.  Please dress in layers and plan accordingly.
- Please do NOT park right by the mausoleum. A huge procession is expected and will need ample room for parking (there might be more on parking, later).