COVID-19 Response From the CFD P&D
By Drum Sergeant/President Ray Fineron
April 2, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, along with the guidelines and restrictions from the CDC, state of Illinois, City of Chicago and the Chicago Fire Dept, we wanted to keep everyone up to date with what the CFD P&D is and is NOT doing.

Our band has canceled all future rehearsals, private lessons & practices. We have also canceled all performances that require more than a solo piper. We are still able to schedule band performance requests that might fall after the quarantine orders come to an end.

At this time we are able to provide a solo piper for very small funeral services. In these cases, our piper’s physical positioning will be well beyond the recommended separation distance currently recommended. This is due to our concern for everyone’s safety and comfort. These services could cease to be available if there is any escalation in current quarantine regulations.

Please stay safe, and we look forward to resuming our normal services when the appropriate time comes.