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By Drum Sergeant Ray Fineron
November 1, 2019

Today marks a shift in the leadership of the Chicago Fire Dept Pipes & Drums.

First, the band would like to thank Michelle for being our President for the past 2+ years. She did everything in her power, to the absolute best of her ability to keep our band running Administratively and keep us in great standing among US service bands. In the past, Michelle had served the band as Quartermaster.

Next, the band would like to introduce Ray as our new President. He has been (and will remain) the band's Drum Sgt since the band was established. In the past he has served as Treasurer, Band Manager & Quartermaster.

Currently, these are the members that are in leadership positions.

Administrative Side
- President: Ray F (Drum Sgt)
- VP: Jim S (Piper)
- Secretary: Cathy C (Tenor)
- Treasurer: Bob C (Pipe Sgt)

Performance Side
- Band Manager: Jim B (Snare)
- Pipe Major: Kevin K
- Drum Sgt: Ray F
- Pipe Sgt: Dan S
- Pipe Sgt: Bob C
- Drum Cpl 1st: Sue N (Bass & Midsection Section Leader)
- Drum Cpl: Meg S (Tenor Section Leader)
- Drum Cpl: Jason M (Snare Section Leader)

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