By Drum Sergeant Ray Fineron
November 3, 2018

First, the band would like to give a big "THANK YOU" to Jim W for stepping up as interim Band Secretary which he than followed by running for & holding the office of Band VP. Thanks for stepping up and taking your turn at the helm.

Next, the band would like to congratulate Jim S for becoming our new Band VP. Jim has held the position of Band Secretary in the past and is one of the band's Founding Members.

With this change, the band administration stands as follows:
Pres . . . Michelle H (Tenor)
VP . . . Jim S (Piper)
Sec . . . Cathy C (Tenor)
Treas . . . Bob C (Piper)

Pipe Major . . . Kevin K
Drum Sgt . . . Ray F
Band Manager . . . Jim B (Snare)
Pipe Sgt's . . . Dan S & Bob C
Drum Cpl 1st Class . . . Sue N (Bass)
Drum Cpl's . . . Jason M (Snare) & Meg S (Tenor)